Authors Naila Duddek & Anja Höfner
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The Bits & Bäume movement thrives on the diverse backgrounds of its members, who bring valuable perspectives, opinions, and ideas. This collaborative approach is crucial for a profound socio-ecological transformation of the digital sphere, and it should continue to expand.
While this publication offers valuable insights into ongoing transformation efforts and areas that require action, it merely scratches the surface of the vast array of topics related to digitalisation and sustainability. There is an abundance of subjects to explore beyond the confines of this journal.
To drive progressive solutions and foster a broader consensus on the importance of this topic, we urgently need more individuals to join in. We need additional participants to cover the wide spectrum of issues and spread awareness.

After reading this publication, we warmly invite you to become part of the Bits & Bäume community in any way that suits you. There are numerous opportunities to get involved, such as joining regional groups, partnering with organisations connected to Bits & Bäume, contributing to the organisation of future conferences, or even initiating your own Bits & Bäume group regardless of your location. Below, you will find inspiration to guide you. We would be delighted to have you join us on this journey, as every voice matters, and every idea, no matter how fleeting, contributes significantly to making the socio-ecological transformation a reality. Here are your opportunities to become part of it:

CC BY Naila Duddek & Anja Höfner, Illustration Lone Thomasky
CC BY Naila Duddek & Anja Höfner, Illustration Lone Thomasky
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