Authors Johanna Graf, Marja Lena Hoffmann & Bits & Bäume (2022)
practical perspective

Bits & Bäume political demands

Making digitalisation sustainable and fit for the future

We demand: Digitalisation must increasingly be put into the service of society and of a sustainable socio ecological transformation. Digital technologies should contribute to the improvement of living conditions and of the environment through equal social participation and while respecting planetary boundaries, instead of exacerbating already existing crises through exploding energy and resource consumption and a lack of consideration of the Global South.

With this call, thirteen organisations from the fields of environmental protection, digital politics, development cooperation, and science are addressing the German government, the European Union and political actors worldwide.

CC BY Bits & Bäume 2022, Illustration Lone Thomasky
CC BY Bits & Bäume 2022, Illustration Lone Thomasky
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